Mobile Film Festival

1 mobile, 1 minute, 1 film

The winners of the 1st edition have been revealed.

Thank you to all the participants. It was amazing!


by Natália Nodari

Starting from the human body, Passport reflects on the arbitrarity of the borders between individuals and societies.

Screenwriter : Natália Nodari
Director : Natália Nodari
Producer : Natália Nodari
Actor/ess : Natália Nodari
Head cameraman : Natália Nodari
Voice over : Natália Nodari
Video editor : Natália Nodari
Sound mixer : Natália Nodari
Producer : Ciro Chiarelli
Actor/ess : Ciro Chiarelli
Camera operator : Ciro Chiarelli

Prize-winners 2019

Grand Prize
Leando by Wiborg André
Grant : €5,000
Best Director Award
He wanted it by João Simões Ribeiro
Screenplay Award
Love(less) by Rui Teles
Award for Best Actor / Actress
Invasion by Tiago Soares
Audience Award
Passport by Natália Nodari

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